Miss Right Gone Wrong

Slots in reverend sister’s attire;
Whores under the shadow of holy hijabs,
Looks look deceivable…

In this world of ours,
Miss Right is out of stock;
Outsold and sold out…
Beauty is vain, if there’s no beauty in her vein.
Choice is chosen, so choose your choice,
You may have to squint your eyes tho’,
Not all Miss Rights ‘ll be Mrs. Rights.

Long legs, sugarcane attributes;
Busty boobs, liquid metals…
You see that arse?
Waste disposal unit!

Not all good-looking Misses look good.
To surf for slay queens and queens that slay,
Hot babes and sexy dogs—
One that would give you assurance,
Is Miss Right gone wrong.

If you must shop, shop rightly!
Real queens check what drives the man;
Slay queens check what the man drives.

Flourish Joshua
IG • @fjspeaks
[email protected]

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