The Fall of Our Culture

Each day I stand to think, and deep I dig
Our African culture is becoming weak
As we are trying to hide from our own natives
Our beautiful African names are no longer in use
While our own sweet languages, we no longer use
Even the simple greetings, our children do not use
As marriages are full of divorce
Who will guide our future generations?
We are losing our African culture

We have moved from our own ancestral land,
Trying to embrace in the city,
Hiding our own ethnicity,
Try to fit in the western capacity,
Our traditional healthy meals are now uncertainty
No community gatherings, love, peace and unity
Dressing full of nudity
Will our beautiful African culture gain back its gravity?
We are losing our African culture.

Our own beautiful ladies don’t know how to cook!
They slay and buy the foods
Fetching firewood is meant for photo shoots
The physical handsome are weakling they can’t dig out the roots
We lack clan warriors, who will protect our clans from enemy routes ?
They can’t get real women as they believe on looks
Will the future generations get to know our old moves?
We are losing our African culture

Etiquette was our norm
Let me close my eyes because our morals are doomed
No religion can be zoomed
No beautiful traditional wedding can be homed
Parents have become irresponsible characters are uncombed
So we have remained character wise unarmed
Will the future generations know all they are following is bombed?
We are losing our African culture

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