Our leaders have taken us scales,
Indeed great heights,
Was it not yesterday,
That by their combined efforts,
Our beautiful country
Ranked top three
Of the most corrupt countries in the world?

These leaders,
They’ve put us on the map,
By the gods what an achievement!
That ninety nine percent
Of our manufactured goods
Are imports!
Would you surely imagine!
Our rich country,
Produces all the raw materials
Exports them to the ‘poor’ nations,
We only import the refined,
The manufactured and processed,
Who but the ones luxuriating in riches,
Can afford to do what my country does?

My country mates,
We have a reputation,
We’ve even built ghost dams,
Ghost dams I swear!
Our brothers all round us are trying,
But we’ve set a standard too high,
By no means can they conquer.

My country mates know how to choose leaders.
For every election
They vote back those ‘wise men’,
Who have taken my country this far,
Giving them great power.
At times those few ‘fools’,
Who claim to be enlightened,
Push other ‘damsels’ to power,
Who promise to remove my country,
From all the ‘prestigious’ top positions.
Thank heavens though
That our esteemed leaders
Always find their way back to power,
So that together
We may propel this country to greater heights!

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