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Poetic Love

We were called poetic lovers
We traded beautiful words at the dawn of the day
And the night never missed a bedtime story
Ink tubes emptied as we carved our hearts on sheets of paper
Saliva dried as our rehearsed words danced from our tongues to our ears
We giggled uncontrollably like tickled toddlers
Our naughty smiles made us like the love-struck high school kids
Our hearts were bonded by our creative words
And every day, that creativity grew and pulled our hearts to its pinnacle
This was all we had wished for: have a lover whose poems beautified our love
We loved gladly and thought our bonds were unbreakable
But slowly, our poems began to come to their end
And we realized we had different ideas of a finish
This began the war and gave us a terrible last verse
Our poem ended where every love built on fantasies did end.

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