Ever got the feeling that someone is watching you,
Each turn, each step, each whisper,
All being watched,
Scary as it is, I believe it happens,
I wake up in the wee hours of the morning,
Sweating, panting, gasping for air,
Eyes shut, for fear of what the darkness beholds,
In that state of confusion, I say a prayer, Hail Mary…
Perhaps, Our Father who art in heaven?
Then peace returns, slow but steady
The hard pounds become lighter, faint if I must say
An unusual calmness feels my entire being
Almost like nothing happened a few moments ago
Sleep beckons me, at dawn
Nothing in mind but hope
Hope that the lurking demons will not find abode in me
For there’s a battle, of light and darkness, never ending, since time immemorial.
So does He really exist? You ask
I say yes, for I have tasted and seen that He, indeed
Is good.

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