It Takes…

It takes a smile
to see the beauty behind a frown.
Smile on,
while the moment lasts.

It takes a bite
to taste the sweetness of a loaf.
Bite on,
while the bread abounds.

It takes a man
to leave a legacy.
Man up,
while you still got breath.

It takes a woman
to make a real home.
Woman up,
while your virtues linger.

It takes a faithful husband
to make a submissive wife.
Husband well,
while she remains a queen.

It takes a battle
to find a good soldier.
Fight on,
defeat or victory is not the end.

It takes a wise people
to build a great nation.
Wise up,
while the resources tarry.

It takes a naughty girl
to bring out a bad boy.
Get naughtier,
while he gets worse.

It takes just a night
to see the real might of lust.
The night is on,
flee the sight of sumptuous busts.

It takes a good mother
to carve an awesome son.
Mother well,
while his true frame evolves.

It takes Covid-19
to keep the Earth on lockdown
Stay safe,
while we heal and survive.

It takes something
to do virtually nothing
this is something that does nothing.

It takes a tiny rumor
to breed a handle of gossips.
Rumor is pouring,
fetch the factual ones.

It takes a frank devotion
to be a true Christian.
Find Christ,
while your heart yearns for him.

It takes a lot
to be the best.
Don’t give up,
your best is yet to come.

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