” ‘U’ in ‘You’ ” — A Poem by Okoli Glory Onyinyechi

You are unique
Very beautiful, handsome,
black, fair, fast and slim.
You are tall and short.
so live your life to the fullest.

Uniqueness depends on the
acceptance of your qualities.
So, dear live your life.
There is ‘U’ in you,
don’t follow the crowd.

‘U’ in you makes U, you.
in you lies two ‘U’s:
The outside ‘U’ and inside ‘U’.
The outside ‘U’ is your physical appearance,
The inside ‘U’ is your values and potentials.

What you value and long for,
shows the ‘U’ in you.
For therein greatness lies.
Greatness doesn’t depend on you,
but lies in the ‘U’ in you.
If you leave the ‘U’ in you, you are lost forever

Greatness is not the number of things, you did or have done,
but your values, style and uniqueness on it.
are what makes the ‘U’ in you and
differentiate you from others.

‘U’ in you is the key to you.
Stand out and don’t follow the crowd.
For truth is truth even if nobody stands for it.
Evil is evil even everybody stands for it.
Love ‘U’ in you and be yourself.

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