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Obsessed In You

You have erased every memory of ex-lovers
I have no knowledge of any past relationship
You are like the first and only beloved I have
I have no capability to love another
For my love is locked in you
Crush and flirt are wrongly written,
For my dictionary holds no record of them
My heart has come in contact with your divination
My mind has been circled by a thousand memories of you
Loving you is the start of what my heart now calls love
You are the explanation of my feelings and emotions
I see the start of life in you, there is a new system look when we meet
Your eyes hold a fire that protect and ignite
Laughter is melody when it comes from your mouth
I hear the angels’ harp when you speak
I obsessionalize in you (sorry you also stole my knowledge of English)
I am in love with you and cant wait to become one with you.

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