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“I’m Not A Star” — A Poem by Pendullum

I’m not a star,
I don’t shine bright.
I don’t have a car,
I lack the might.

I know I don’t have much money,
I’m a simple man with a simple taste.
I can’t promise you milk and honey,
I live within my means and avoid waste.

I know I can’t compete with your suitors,
I’m just a young man striving to thrive.
Some of these guys are actors, lawyers and even doctors,
And what do I do? I fix tractors to survive.

They will come with razzmatazz and sweet words,
They will try to sway you with their wealth and affluence.
They will swear their love to you in the name of all the gods,
Wanting you to be swept away by their influence.

But in the end, all they’ll give you is pain and broken chords,
They will make you nothing more than furniture.
They will bind your soul with invisible cords,
Truncating the dreams you had of your future.

I can give you something far above,
Not power, influence or the flashy life.
Just a simple and peaceful existence in an alcove,
One that would be ours alone; precious and free from strife.

I can bring you something as genuine as a turtle dove,
My heart on a platter I offer.
Above all, I will show you a lasting love,
The kind that makes us remember Romeo and Juliet forever.

My love is as real as you are beautiful, Faith,
My intentions, as pure as water from a spring.
You and me together, this could be our fate,
Our love story will for many a generation, ring.

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