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Trust me this virus is a mystery,
but whatever, just like the big bang, it would be soon a history.
In a world full of adultery,
where humans are all about fancy accessory,
this virus chooses to be our alimentary,
befalling the human race as a calamity,
infecting everyone with no boundary

I don’t care if it was created in a laboratory or bakery.
This virus would vanish, so please, don’t worry.
Our history encompasses slavery, thuggery and bribery.
In summary, this virus wouldn’t be wiped away by sorcery or our treasury.
To those who are infected, I wish them a quick recovery

We are all in a lockdown.
Wives and husbands are doing smack down
Baes and boos can’t meet at downtown.
There’s no essence of a crown,
you’re at home now, you can wear white or brown.
But trust me everything’s gonna be fine soon.
Trust God and trust the process,
my prayers towards the front liners

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