Dancing With a Stranger in the Rain

It is morning
The sky is clear and calm
The wind is gentle and smooth
When we arrived on-shore

We lay together aboard
In this ship of uncertainties
Paddling in a uniform forward motion
With our destination unknown, and our journey in a uniform forward course

We lay together in this ship
Sleeping and waking together
Drinking of the same jar
Filling our rumbling guts from the same pot
Sharing our fears and spoils

Then evening comes
The sky begins to rumble
The wind begins to blow out of proportion
Then the pregnant cloud begins to pour forth

Storm begins to arise aboard
Tossing our ship above and below
Tearing off our rudder
Throwing every paddler into perplexity

Then every sailor began to find safe harbour
The storm broke off my own rudder
And left me fleeing into the deep helplessly
I was left alone to the fierce storm and wind

Then amidst this rain and storm came some sailors
Whose voices my troubled mind could not decipher
My eye blinded by the storm could not recognize their long curly hair
They threw out a rope and asked me to come on-board
I took that lifeguard, and although the night ‘I danced with strangers in the rain’.

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