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The War of the Worlds

A scattered mind, an unlabelled thought, the pains that come with confusion.

An enveloped piece seeking escape
The tales of none as it is next to none
The blaring siren no one hears
Visions seen but kept at bay as to one’s dismay
Hope fades
The peace of one’s soul, lost to a war of anxiety, paranoia and grief.
The light turned into darkness,
The sight of one’s entity condemned in plight, and from redemption
Engulfed by its lack of salvation
The war eerie but none to calm
The best is to fight.
A war for claim
For certainty and for peace
A war that ignited since the dawn of time
Revolving round its cycle
Consuming its prey
The loss of the soul
The peace of the mind
The victim of the body
The war of worlds

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