Goodbye to Writer’s Block

The beauty of writing is freedom
Freedom to freestyle your wisdom
A writer writes not to please
He writes what he feels and sees

You need not wait for a vibe
A vibe you cannot describe
You need not wait to be inspired
‘Focus’ is all that’s required

For deep down in your mind
Lies thoughts unrefined
Pick up a pen and write
You need not be wrong or right

Think not for words that best befit
Write just as you deem fit
You do not write to pass a test
You do not write to be the best

Ease your mind, let the words flow
You’ll find it’s easier than you know
Keep a snack or two in sight
At intervals, be sure to take a bite

Keep writing, for that’s the key
The key to be free
Be free to see
To see writing as a cup of tea

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