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The Last Dance

The moon is crescent like your smile with a star above and below
I look at your face and water comes from my eyes
The weather is perfect enough to spot your beauty on the sky
We are listening to the whispers of the wind
Strange melodies
An orchestra of birds with the crickets
The frogs not left behind

After tonight you will no longer be mine
You will not again in my heart dine
Not after tonight
This is the night we are going to say our last sayings without fright

Today is that day I won’t chain my tears
I’ll let them wet my clothes
I will not be able to chain my pain for you will leave and I will watch you beyond the twilight

I will hold you one last time and kiss you and rock you to the music of my heart
Sugar and spice on the dancefloor the whole night
With me and you in the middle
This one last time I’ll hold you tight that your broken bones heel
Kiss kiss command a promise for you will be all I feel

So in a lover man’s style I let you dance to the infinite songs of cupid
Leaving me swayed in the morning
Breathless and morning for the blisters on my feet hurt
I cannot stop, the only way to keep the blisters not painful is dancing
So I dance
Dance with you in the rain
Dance with you through the pain
Help you up when you slide in a pit drain
One last time I will dance hello to you
Make you enjoy the beauty of happiness
One last time sway your hips to each side of the smile on your lips.
Please one last time let’s dance to forever.

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