Up Again!

I’m up again!
as the night fades into the morning
and the morning embraces another new challenge.
My day began in my mind
with goals and plans to find.

I’m up again!
to prove the times wrong
with acts of rare measures
and tact of ‘it won’t be long’
until I find my heart’s treasures.

I’m up again!
though yesterday I was down in pain
from blows and hits of an old challenge.
Today I’m full of life and zest
to capture my day in full
and own it like a master and his slave.

I’m up again!
to upturn the drill
and enroll my will
until my heart is still
and my head is filled
with wins beyond the grill.

I’m up again!
this time highly upgraded.
The whole of me that is up
seems unstoppably conquering.
The clouds are in awe
in the wake of my rise to victories.

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