People told me I changed
That I’m not the same boy they named
That my innocence can’t be traced
Cos it’s long gone down the lane

They couldn’t attach more meaning to my life
Cos they could barely know I’m alive
All my words are quote as lies
By and by, the time flies

I know in myself that it’s time
My transformation process just started
Time to carve beauty out of my scars
Time to shine and compete with the stars

This time may seems odd to you but not me
Cos only me knows me and no one know me better than me
Pain may consume me and smile neglect me
But it’s for a short time, not for eternity

Endure with me or neglect me like my smile
Encourage me or tell me I can’t shine like a star
I’m not turning back cos I’ve chosen this path
The start is dark but at the end, I see the light.

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