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Deep down,
Deep down, papa
I always knew
I had a special place
My name inscribed in your heart

In your bright heart, papa
In your dark heart, papa
In your beautiful heart, papa
In your scary heart, papa
Was a cloudy sunset

There were days papa
You would wake up
Your smile bright like the stars, papa
Radiant and beautiful as the sunset papa
You would take care of us
Cuddle me in your arms, papa
It was evident you cared

At other moments
You were utterly gloomy, papa
Dark moments they were
Evidently heavy loads of distressing thoughts, papa
We were weighing down your joy
Trying to dim your joy
Like the clouds in a sunset

Some days, papa
The clouds almost overpowered the sunset
Your monsters would be unveiled
Mom would suffer blows, papa
We would endure hunger
And harsh words, papa
The clouds threatening to take away our sunset, papa

We desired the beautiful sunset, papa
Just like the sea we desired the sunset
But we feared the darkness
Looming just above
Yet we endured, papa
Never forgetting
Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies

You taught us, papa
That the dark moments
Are only meant to add juice to the good moments, papa
That the cloudy sunsets are vital, papa

One day,
One day, papa
The dark clouds
Just like steam
They washed away
And that day, papa
The beautiful sunset could shine full
On the deep seas of our hearts, papa
Oh, that day
It was no longer a cloudy sunset…

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