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Dunked in extreme might conveys black,
Dripping a surge of unsurpassed courage.
The glittering pulchritude of white makes other hues slack,
Wringing us out into drainage.

Their fusion is as beautiful as the stars engraved in the sky,
Heavenly creatures that are worth no reject,
Making merry more in mergeability as they fly.
Their power lies in their twosomeness, no object.

Then perfidy crawls in like a worm
Malevolence bites, tearing us apart
Our race and colour were our pride but now torn
The blood of one another quenches this thirst, how aghast.

Egoism sequel egotism, fadens our ego
Praying to prey on prey, a prance
Despise we speak today, even tomorrow
Our first love is nought, just a glance.

In a flick for a blister
We will repudiate this antipathy
We will trigger within a monster
To call out serene and tranquil for a party.

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