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Omo Pupa Ò

Omo pupa ò
Omo pupa lèmi n fé
Omo pupa ò,
Jòwó mo fé ran re ò.

Omo pupa fò bí epo oyé,
If life points her gun on my head,
Forcing me to deny loving you
I will stand to my toe and tell her, “Yes, I do.”
And “No I cannot.”
I once told you
If loving you is a crime
Let me be imprisoned,
With loving you as the reason,
Or if it is a sin,
Let the the angels open the gates of hell
And let me in.

You are the beauty that is better than a rainbow,
To your beauty kings and queens bow,
When I look at your portrait,
It has me licking my phone screen.

The lyrics of the song above took me into a trance,
I saw you and me dancing baley lábé igi òroñbó,
Your arms are not short to hold me when I’m falling,
Your smile kills my sadnesses
And feel like depressing my depression on your pressed chest.

I want to worship in your temple,
I want to be the priest that will burn the incense—
Of war-sheep on the V altar,
Like an athlete,
I want to run a race through your spinals,
Dive in your ocean early in the Moan-ing.

Don’t ever complain of headache again,
I have PENISilin,
It a drug for headache.
Open the gate of your heart
I want to paint it with the colour of rose,
Which symbolise love,
And violet which means peace!

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