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The Failed Dis Caution

You may have to chant the books in the New Testament as you read

“Mark my words;
Look at me,
As I join my acts with words.
If I ask you what Matt hews,
Will you roam about as if you are on tour with Romans
Or flip and tilt like Timothy, the Philippian
Before you embark on the journey of revelation?”

I waited for your response,
But you took your time,
Forgetting that tick tock, the time counts;
Before, after, with each cock crow.

It was on one of my cool feeling morns,
When you know that I won’t peter out like I did twice
Even when you mention things that tight us
Like Jude’s special Ephesian belt which he has outgrown.

You started your confession
As if you were boxed into a confession box.
You had join hands with Matt to hew off
The stones placed on the Johns’ Tombs.
You visited the Tombs to exhume.

What you have done is colossal,
Greater and larger than the ancient cities
Of the Thessalonians, Colossians and Corinthians combined.

My throat quivered
As I tried to sheath my missiles of words
That I always leave in quivers.
I failed,
Alainironu ni e, ara Galatia hit him on his chest.

A rushed cacophony left my throat,
It’s Hebrew…
Eloi Eloi lama sabachtani
“My God, My God! Why have you forsaken me!
Matt hews, my brother exhumes. I have failed.”


Alainironu ni e, ara Galatia: An excerpt from Galatians 3:1

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