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Death Day

Today is my death day
I woke up refreshed
Sending all worries to hell

My fifty press-up routine
Was quite refreshing today
For I feel relaxed, I feel A

With exceeding joy
I took my bath
Like the arrival of spring was the touch of water

With my bass voice
I hummed to myself songs
Songs of hope and joy

And after all said and done
To the kitchen
I cooked myself my best meal

What sumptuous treat
My best clothes I put on
And on my bike I took off

Humming songs of hope
Of the heavenly choir
I want to be among the choir

For today’s my death day
And to meet God
I’m to be filled with joy

So, I’m off to commit suicide
To leave this bitter world
And leave in everlasting joy

To Paradise I’ll go
If I commit suicide
Am I wrong or right?

I need an answer

Why not share?

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