LOGIN: Loving One Girl Is Nice

LOGIN: Loving One Girl Is Nice

Streams of girls
flowing down the streets
and boys with buckets waiting to fetch.
Streams ever flowing,
filling every bucket.

These boys are thirsty
for fresh and sour girls.
These boys are naughty,
flirting with every girl.
These boys are nasty,
flushing every used girl.

One boy said,
“I want to fetch all the girls.”
Another said,
“My bucket is full but I still want more.”
Few boys said,
“We came to fetch true love.”

More girls flowing
from uptown to downtown.
More boys following
every girl down to downtown.
More boys and girls showing
the skills of passionate clowns.

And the boys thought it was love
when their groins moved before their hearts.
But some boys found love,
where they could keep their hearts.

when the rest are rushing.
when the boys are pushing.
when the girls are blushing.
and get peace of mind.

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