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The Tear Behind The Shut Walls

Lockdown is a word of grief,
As we suffer behind the curtains,
Abandoned like a dry leaf,
Tears roll down my masked face
As countries have become full of racism

While our sweet hatred leaders find opportunities for criticism
Will I continue being optimistic?
No! Our people are suffering!
Our people are being tortured!
As our leaders are singing twinkle twinkle little stars,
With funds meant for pandemic
Cursed are you who squander disaster funds

Citizens are dying in the slums,
Not of the pandemic but hunger,
As their own bread sources are engulfed by lockdowns,
While the so-called government is busy on the count downs
Who will save the suffering from the lockdown?
I’m on the crossroads waiting for the answer in the North

Life has become hard
No cry is heard
While governments have funds plans
But not safety plans
As people are dying
Who will vote for you again?
Animals or plants?

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