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Please Tell My Mum

Please tell my mum:

That because she caught me once moaning and groaning as I stroked my genitals back and forth with my tiny soft hands doesn’t make me evil. I’m just an adolescent who knows nothing about himself. My nipples get hard sometimes, I always have strange dreams and no one has ever told me what’s happening to me. I can’t even tell her all that has been happening to me. I mean, how can I? When she pretends not to see my erection whenever she wakes me up in the morning.

I would have told Dad but he met his demise while I was five. I once went to our Pastor to tell him my problems, thought he would understand since he was a man like me. But I caught him naked with sister Vero, the choir mistress. I told no one, who would even believe it’s true anyway? All of this has happened before I met Chidi my classmate, who became my good friend.

He once showed me a book containing pictures of some ladies in bikini and some without clothes. Magically, what normally happens to me every morning happened again. And it happened to Chidi too while we were watching the pictures. He was the one that told me it’s normal for it to happen. He taught me so many other things, including what mum caught me doing in my bedroom. He said it would make me happy and it did.

He taught me what mum and Dad did before I was formed in my mother’s belly. Mum once told me she got pregnant after she prayed to God for a baby. I still wonder why she hasn’t got pregnant since Dad died, after I had pleaded with her that I needed a sibling. I never knew she was lying until I met Chidi.

Tell my mum I’m not possessed; that I was only curious. Tell her that the pastor who said I needed a deliverance needs it too.

What I need is ‘Sex education’ not deliverance.

Please tell all mothers.

Note: Parents should make sure they ‘Sex educate’ their kids. If they don’t, another kid might teach them the wrong thing.

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