In agony I call out to thee,
Harken to the distress call of the lost lamb,
Earthly inclined was I, not unto thee.
Bleeding of water for my sake on calvary,
Amongst underworld men just for my sake.

Call for your bountful mercy, oh lord!
Flourish my heart with your vineyard of love,
Bless my spirit to acclaim your name,
Turn my heart to beat for you,
weakness am I, alone on the boat.

My soul shall sing your praises,
Sun comes, the moon rises,
On your love I would use my gift,
Open thy eyes on my heart;
Open thy ears, do not close on my anguish.

Shall I refuse your praise as a dumb?
Shall my hands be still to your worship?
Shall my body move not to your songs?
Of heaven I look up to my heart willing,
For I was lost but thou came to saveth me.

I was drowned but thou rescueth me
From the oceans of bondage;
From the oceans of sin,
weary was I, but thou replenished my soul,
Inclined to the body once now the soul.

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