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Who Am I?

Hello lovelies,

Have you ever set yourself before a mirror, look so close and deep at your reflection and ask who am I really?

Especially when you’re alone.

Your creator and you can only define the you which is in you, which is you.

As you do this, looking at the mirror, try to remember when you were little, who were you?

You realise some answers like, I was a greenhorn, I was naïve, I was innocent, I was gentle and I do many things I can’t start imagining I actually did but I did.

Some people couldn’t stand grounds because they never had the confidence to stand, so you know yourself then.

As you grow to be a teenager, who were you? Or for the ones still in their teen age, who are you now? Are you still the same you as a child?

Reflect on it, if you’ve never done it before, try to.

So, if after asking you the question, things had really changed, what has happened?

Put things together in your current age now and ask who am I really? Of all the years I’ve lived?

Many haven’t been themselves since they have been born, and there are many things that may influence that to happen.

Many haven’t discovered who they really are because they are living someone else’s life.

Some are living the way they are now out of someone’s wish which can’t be reversed.

Many have been living in pretence all their lives.

Dear daughter and son of Zion, WHO GOT THE REAL YOU NOW?

The one who got the real you means a lot to you,as they define what you are likely to be.

If you allow just anyone get you, they’ll judge based on what they’re seeing presently to define the you which is not the real you.

But, if you allow the Omniscient Immortal being, to get the real you, he sees the past,present and future,he created you and only Him can define the real you so you can live out the real you and achieve a purpose.

Once you allow this being hold you, He defines His divine meaning of you.

Do not actualize yourself from anyone’s assertions, always believe in Him, the one who can define personalities and why they are.


You’re special, you are purposeful, but try to get to know the one who can define you and give Him you.

He’ll surely hold you.

Profess who you are in the Scriptures:

1Pet2:9; 1Cor 6:20; 2Cor5:17; 2Cor6:18; 2Cor9:6,7; Matt5:13,14; ROM8:37; John 12:15;

NB: Pick verses, say who you are, confess it, let God hold you, let him be your God.

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