A Poem of Hope

Though hail has pelted down on us as hard as pebbles,
A cryptic pandemic from the gringos has taken its toll on us,
It’s uncouth nature has obdurately placed a grime on our nabe,
But let us not swim in the bitter waters of paranoia,
For this affliction is far from being unabating.
Every creation that has a begining has an end,
So my brothers and sisters all is well.

Let us not wallow in the corny hands of trepidation,
For this wily pandemic will soon become a platitude ,
Your days are numbered ,
For your propounders and creators will soon become wily beguiles.

O ye African!
Let us prevent silent play of emotions from clouding the elegant lines of our beautyful faces,
Let us always wear smiles that bespoke hope and tranquility.

Let us jealousy maintain our equilibrium and raise our heads regally high like the royalty we are,
Let us do well to bolster our wavering confidence with positivity and hopeful thoughts,
Let us make poise and control to be the order of the day .

We can quell the tide of anger that is welling with us,
Sure we can.
Let us clear the cobwebs of fear that is obdurately eluding the one thing that has kept us going through the years,
The zeal to live and survive.
Let us share a laugh and chat without reluctance and,
Yeah we should.

O ye African!
My brothers and sisters of probity
that are proudly clothed with a skin that bespoke strength and originality,
Let us revel with pride at our dark skin which is immune and unsusceptible to this affliction,
yeah it is.
Let us rise from the ground gingerly like a silver wedge and eradicate this disturbing sense of dread that is obstinately feeding off greedily from our sleep.
Let us drive our heart to swell with hope,
Let us dash our tears away for we are the ones after God’s heart and after the night comes the morning.

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