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True Love Does Not Exist

I sat down and went through myself
In need of true love, which to me was like a game
I tried wiping away all my tears
But it always turned up to be the same
That’s why I never believed in love all these years

You then came into my life for LOVE and NOT FOR MONEY
You then brought back the kind of manhood I once had again
Making me feel sweet like honey

You made me believe that indeed TRUE LOVE DOES EXIST
Before you came I never believed in it
But the spot that you turned me on, you never missed
Making me to accept your love for I couldn’t resist

True love can never be found
Where it truly doesn’t fit in
For it is not something you can run after
But it follows those who are meant to be together

True love isn’t about the beauty
True love is knowing how to share
As well as your duty
In order to build a relationship with care
For even those who don’t believe in love
Can be astonished by your relationship

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