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Goodbye, My Princess

I loved you with all I had. I welcomed you into my heart. Not a day passed without thoughts of you filling my head. I’ve never been one to fall blindly in love. But your love made me a believer.

I was ready to be your prince. I was ready to be yours and yours alone. The whole world would have known of our love. But you had to call it off before it even began. I always sensed there was a side to you that I didn’t know. Sometimes it felt as though you were fighting your love for me. For deep in those alluring brown eyes of yours, I could see the burning desire, of mixed feelings, of sad love, of broken resolves.

Though you break my heart, yet I can’t bring myself to hate you. I love you even after you’ve stolen my heart. I guess that makes me a loving fool. You say it’s my fault, yes I accept it. If it’s wrong to love you foolishly, if it’s wrong to treat you as my princess, if it’s wrong to wish nothing other than the sweet scent of your hair when my arms are wrapped around you, then I gladly accept the blame.

Sadly, I have come to terms with the fact that you and I can’t work. Same way heaven and earth do not meet. You try to hide it but it’s quite clear to me that you have trust issues. You’re scared of having your heart broken into a thousand pieces again, you’re scared to give your love, you’re afraid it will turn out bad. I have come to realize that now. Poor me. What a broken lover I am. So much for believing in love again. I guess this will be the last time.

So long as the skies remain blue, and the sun shines on our heads, I’ll always remember our sad love. I hate to part with you, but I’ll survive without you. I have finally embraced the fact that nothing lasts forever. I hope you find the love you so desire and I hope you won’t be too scared to let it slip by.

Goodbye, my princess. It was good while it lasted.

Princewill �?�?

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