The Other Side of a Better Life

Some were born with diamond and golden cups.
Some grew to buy silver spoons,
some never saw bronze or ordinary metal plates
but they all wanted a better life.

A better life of luxury
to live flashy with cash?
Or a better life of usury
to live harshly with cash?
Well a better life off the shores of penury
to live classy with cash.

Those that got a better life
lived ostensibly and randy
like monarchs of Zambezi.
But they never filled the void
of wishing more for a better life.

Those that never got a better life
lived horribly and messy
like anarchists from Gudali.
But they never stopped wishing for the life of those that got a better life.

Both are in a maze running a winless race,
getting less fulfilled within a space.
Dreams disappearing without a trace,
leaving a better life in a mystic place.

The other side of a better life is a tossed coin.
The rich gets the head of the coin and still lose.
The poor gets the tail of the coin and still lose.
The other side of a better life only has myriads of losers.

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