Dear Life

Dear Life,

Life gave me lemon,
So I made my lemonade.

Life gave me fruits of different varieties,
So I made my juice.

Life threw me stones,
So I built my abode.

Life gave me pain,
So I learnt my lessons.

Life made me suffer,
So I used that as an opportunity.

Life gave me tough problems in form of mathematics,
So I learnt new steps.

Life gave me difficult words in literacy,
It improves me.

Be not proud.

You want to pull me down?
I’ll rise!

I’ll dust my dress
And pretend I never fell,

Ain’t you tired?
Please don’t stop

You taught me,
If gold must be gold, it must pass through fire

Yes, I must,
I must go through pain and sorrow.

I’ll take the pain,
I’ll take the sorrow.

I’m learning all because of you
I’m growing, thanks to life

I’ve experienced a lot
I’ve learnt new things

Each time I remember I got life,
I doff my heart

Saluting the pain
That taught me more

Praising the skills and steps
That keep me growing

Enjoying the lessons
That make a better me

I fell, surely I rose
Thanks to life!

All thanks to my teacher
For lessons learnt

An invisible one
Yet visible.

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