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“Too Late?” — A Poem by Nice Mwaura

Ding! Ring! Ding!
Eighty-nine missed calls on your phone,
Eight unanswered texts in my box,
The ding signaling your message,
My best notification,
The ring to contact you about the rage,
You think it’s an illusion,
More wine to my glass,
More blade to my hooded heart,
My screams melancholic,
At the pavement end,
The girl in your arms horrific,
Is there a chance to mend?
Our love so tragic,
Listen to our past,
Am I too late?
The Rolex in my hand,
Is it worth to give me one more time?
I’m sorry I got attached,
My hand,
No longer within yours,
My body,
No longer embraced in your arms,
My fears,
No longer your wars,
My smile,
No longer your lucky charm,
Am I too late?
The tick tock of the clock,
Can we get back at the dock?
Five steps back,
I’m scared to get out of your life,
Out of your room,
I’m already lost in my world,
Ten steps and the door is ajar
I hope this gets easier
I’m sorry I am late
But like a dejected spit,
Maybe you can’t take me back.

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