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When I Marry Rimanto

When I grow old enough to marry
And have seven boys and girls
Rimanto will be my wife
And mother to my seven children

When I marry Rimanto,
You’ll not see me walk out in the evenings
I will sit at home and help her baby-sit
I will cook and help her wash.

You will see me walk her to the market
I will carry our last born on my back
And a basket on my hands
I will lead the was as she follows

When I marry my dear Rimanto
You won’t see me in clubs at all
I will wake up early on sundays
Prepare us all for church.

Rimanto my future wife,
When I marry her,
I will take her to the maternity
Once a year for seven years

When I marry Rimanto
I will be the happiest husband
With a beautiful wife
And seven children to raise.

When I marry Rimanto.
I will wake up early to work
Cook breakfast at seven in the morning
And be home before seven in the evening

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