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Baby Daddy

At my beck and call I had chicks come,
I’d like to say a mighty king I would have become.

In the early hours of a beautiful Thursday,
I stumbled upon Sade.

Her breasts were firm like a soldier on her chest.
That beautiful sight brought me unrest.

Lust was conflicting with love in the battlefield of my heart.
I hadn’t decided a winner but…

Sade became mine after a well-practiced wooing round.
For her, I made beautiful ornaments out of orange peels.

During the night of festival, when every eye was away and ablaze with the merriment,
she lured me in, I was battered with excitement.

Her soft thick thighs ajar,
she made me moan, she knew I needed to filled like a jar.

For other women I did the needful,
but for Sade, she did all the doings, it felt beautiful.

Her sumptuous hibiscus-colored lips,
her tempestuous hips

in my greatest ecstacy I spilled my seeds in her.
it shook hands with her womanhood, together, a shooting star.

Fear engulfed me when she visited one day with a bump on her belly,
“Sade this is impossible, it’s too early!”

I spewed words I didn’t think were nice
She said, “You’re a devil I despise!”

She told everyone she knew not the father,
The baby slipped out of her at the ninth month with her thighs apart.

It was a girl, but regardless she named her Adedamola, that is my name.
Sade gave up the ghost after she was eased from the pain.

Her mother stormed into my father’s compound and tossed her grandchild in my hands.
“Omo re ni yii, baby daddy!”

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