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Coming Out

In America, once your parents realize you’re a juvenile delinquent, they will ship you to the next military school available; most likely the farthest available. But in Nigeria they leave you to learn your lesson, obviously after tons of corrections, beatings and deliverance.

My situation was much like this, I was what the society tagged a bad child. I would literally lure faggots to my room just to beat them up. I enjoyed it so much, it made me feel powerful and that is what we all want in secret–power!

However, they say 99 days for the thief and 1 day for the owner; this particular saying did not pass me by because my evil deeds soon blew up in my face. This was what happened.

It was yet another day and it was time for me to lure another dude into my room and give him a permanent scar on his pretty face. Before I invite you over I would first observe your body structure to be sure you wouldn’t stand up me. I was built-up well enough, no one could tell I was 22 because I had that gym instructor kind of look going well for me; I was also very tall about 5’11 and handsome. If you liked muscular dude then my body would be flawless in your sight.

I picked Steven this time around, he wasn’t muscular, he was slim but not too slim; he had this perfect slim body with dark skinned 6 feet body type. Normally I picked skinnier dudes but I was growing, I wanted to increase the challenge as well. Sometimes, I liked it when they struggled, it made it more heated and challenging.

Steven was finally in my front door, I could tell because I heard the sound of the bell, I was excited; if you understood me, you’d be excited as well. I ran down the stairs of my duplex, my mum was home, she knew what I was up to but she dared not stop me: not after the last time: even though I slept in the cell, she got the beating of her life

Immediately I opened the door, we went to my room, I locked the door and I instructed him to pull his clothes. He eagerly did so, probably because he was gay and he thought I was (story for another day). I removed the belt I was wearing, and unbuckled my pants before you could say Jack, I had lashed one big stroke on Steven.

Usually at this point they all got shocked and scared but Steven threw a punch at me so hard I fell to the ground. He pounced on me wearing only boxers and stripped me naked. I don’t need to say what happened next because you know he’s gay.

After he had finished, he got up and left, my ass was bleeding for three days straight. You don’t need me to tell you that was the last time I ever tried to physically abuse my fellow man. The irony was the same incident that made me to beat every faggot I got my hands on was the same reason that made me stop hitting them for life.


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