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  • Photo of Clipped Wings

    Clipped Wings

    “Only remembered by what we have done Thus would we pass from the earth and its toiling Only remembered by what we have done.” The voice of the lead singer…

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  • Photo of Amara


    I know I’m not supposed to say this here, but sometimes, life can be harsh that it pierces all its pins on just a single heart. Now I know, that…

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  • Photo of Happiness is a Bestseller

    Happiness is a Bestseller

    Twice upon a time, in a virgin land deflowered by the cruelty of its inhabitants, the famine of sanity made the whole land barren. In this same land where strange…

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  • Photo of My Life as an Author

    My Life as an Author

    I am an author that still likes writing with pencil and exercise book instead of writing apps. I like that sound of pencil against paper. I enjoy that moment when…

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  • Photo of Desolate


    How do I start explaining that once it’s 11:00 AM each morning, my front door would open and I will be in a desolate area, a place totally different from…

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  • Photo of Again


    “I eee … never … yechi ghuuu …” For the very first time she spoke! It was a dark and creepy night. The voice of ‘my only companion,’ Jennifer, was…

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  • Photo of The Departing

    The Departing

    Seven owls are on my roof, don’t ask me how I know, I think I can sense them and my senses are telling me that they’re seven. The dogs are…

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  • Photo of Coming Out

    Coming Out

    In America, once your parents realize you’re a juvenile delinquent, they will ship you to the next military school available; most likely the farthest available. But in Nigeria they leave…

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  • Photo of Sound City

    Sound City

    I live in a city that never sleeps. In fact, the nights are the most active times here; neon signs, loud music from clubs, and the sound of cars going…

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  • Photo of The Call

    The Call

    On entering the room, the smell of alcohol hits my nose. “Alcohol? No one dares take alcohol. Not in my room,” I mutter silently, making my mouth the silencer. No…

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  • Photo of The Beautiful Dress

    The Beautiful Dress

    After lectures that day, I was walking home when I saw this girl. No, scratch that. The cloth she was wearing caught my attention. It was beautiful. I quickly brought…

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  • Photo of Total Fear

    Total Fear

    I don’t know if I would ever tell her that the only reason I’m friends with her was because of her father. I just arrived at my department that day…

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  • Photo of Sueno


    I was surprised to see the amount of people gathered outside my home when I came back from the cybercafé where I went to print out my admission letter. I…

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  • Photo of Perfidy


    A beautiful morning, not for the young and graceful Yvonne, who got up quite early, probably for the first time in three days. Her dark, sparkly skin glided across the…

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  • Photo of Nemesis


    “Quick! Quick! Before aunty Ngozi comes back o,” Obinna said, panicking in a low tone as he stuffed the already plucked ube inside his pockets. “Relax na,” I tried to…

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  • Photo of Another Year

    Another Year

    Dear Jennifer, I have stumbled my whole life, unsure of myself. Waking up to the same question. Who am I? What is my purpose? What do I have to share,…

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  • Photo of A Flick of Hope

    A Flick of Hope

    The long awaited night finally came. The hall was saturated with shouting and dancing, as the students injected the atmosphere with euphoria, coupled with the sensational jams emanating from the…

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  • Photo of The 7th Victim

    The 7th Victim

    In a town with a few thousand people, there’s a killer on spree. One weird thing about this killer-psycho is that as his victim, you only have one prayer in…

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  • Photo of Point and Kill

    Point and Kill

    Yes! You heard right. ‘Point and kill’ in a Nigerian restaurant means a steamy hot catfish pepper soup, to be flanked by a bottle of malt, Fayrouz or Radler. Lockdown…

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  • Photo of Falling Sunlight

    Falling Sunlight

    When it comes to fate, there are no coincidences. But when coincidences repeat itself, you think it’s destiny and accept it as your fate. It was our second meeting in…

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