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My First Kiss

I never wanted to share this story, but I felt like someone out there might learn from it.

I had my first kiss when I was fourteen years old. It all happened a night rain fell, the cold licked my face and crept under my clothes. It spread around my skin like fug on the crimson sky. The noise of my chattering teeth continued as I wrapped myself with two pieces of wrapper. Mum and dad had travelled to village. I was left at home with two of my elder brothers who were away to watch football match.

The night grew very cold, silent and scary. I was so much gripped by fear that I couldn’t move to switch on the lantern. After some minutes, I heard the sound of the main door. My courage was restored, the strength I seemed to have lost was found inside me again. I thought that my brothers were back, but I was wrong when I perceived the smell of a female perfume. That was before I heard the sweet soft voice that made all the hairs in my body rise.

I couldn’t guess who it was but for a girl with such a nice voice to enter the house without knocking, she couldn’t be a stranger — or so I thought.

I was still lying on the bed in the dark room when a stature of a finely shaped being appeared in front of the door. Her scent was so nice and lovely that it reminded me of the novel Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. She was coming towards the bed side, I stretched out my hand out of curiosity to reach for the lantern. A fly that came from the balcony kissed my lips and flew away. Immediately, all the cold in my body disappeared. My body became so hot like someone that just came out from fire. I switched on the lantern and found out it was my sister’s scent I’ve been perceiving all this while.

Moral of the story: Don’t leave the door that leads to your balcony open whenever it rained, unless you want to have a weird first kiss experience like me.

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