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Scarred Nation

Pain rings from every corner
Sorrow dwells within the hearts
There’s despair
Desolation has become a new way

Questions ring
Answers a nation desires
Yet from whom we truly know not

A nation despairs
Hope is lost day by day
A menace is eating up
An innocent nation is breaking

Day by day despair rages
It began like a joke
A small pandemic
So far away it seemed
Until it walked into a raw nation
And pain began

Today sorrow wells
Fears beat at every corner
There’s pain
There’s confusion
What’s there for tomorrow?
To whom does a nation turn?

A mother’s heart cracks
Tears pool in her eyes
Fear beats in her heart
She knows not what to do

And so down to her knees she goes
Her hope she places in the heaven
A prayer beats on her lips
She desires a little hope
A glimmer in the dark of a falling nation
A hope where there’s none

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