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What Can I Say?

What can I say whenever you go back to your word?
What can I say when you promise to come back
And never leave a footprint?
How life has imminently turned sour
I no longer feel the succulent sweetness of life anymore.

The moon and the sun will always be there to light you on
The day and night will remain the way it is
Changes from the rain to snow will be there
Not even the harshness of fire will touch you.

There are promises that I wish were never made
I seek thee as a fish without water
Life is meaningless
Life has turned bitter
What can I say?

All blame’s on me
I opened the tube and allowed you to stream through
The stream is becoming dry
Yet you never stop promising
I never wish to return to your time again.

What can I say?
When the blood still flows and wants you more
Only if fate can be decided,
Only if the future can be seen today,
Only if the rain would fall during harmattan
Then I would have seized the stream flow
What can I say?

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