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Out of Nothingness

Out of nothingness called forth to existence, the Earth
Sent his tidings in abundance
Thus giving us the breath of life
To make us live in his likeness.
Gave us beautiful melodies
That our hearts should speak of his wonders.

Blessed us with nature that sustains
and a nature so unrivalled that mars mulls in envy,
Pluto lives in cold shivers,
Saturn condemned to bear the rings
And Mercury facing the wrath of the burning ball.

Oh, Mother Earth,
How beautiful you are in the midst of your siblings
How you have housed all creations;
The birds that dwells in the firmament
Or the animals that abide and follow the current of the sea
The reptiles that creeps.

Oh, Mother Earth, will thou let your plenty become empty?
Or thy inhabitants tarry in vain?
For it’s from thy belly that we feed
From thy overflows that our thirst are quenched to fill
In thy comforts our children dwell
So in all this ma’am never let your plenty become empty.

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