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My shoulder is padded
Enough to rest your head on.
My hands are soft
—soft enough to wipe your tears.
My words are soothing
—soothing enough to ease your fears.
But beware.

My shoulder pad can make you
Lose the need for a lady’s pad.
My shoulder pad is just a game pad
—slot in your head, let’s play.
Go on your knees before me and pray,
Say, “Daddy, easy easy, ruin me slowly.”

Beware sweetheart, for my words
Would sweeten your heart
But they’re bitterness to your soul.
My words are sweet enough to give you diabetes.

My hands are soft enough to wipe your tears
But hard enough to cause new ones.
Beware sweetheart for I am your ruin.
I’ll take you up, to make the fall harder.
But I love you.

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