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Hidden Scars

Hidden away,
Pains that tell stories,
Stories that tell mysteries,
Mysteries that embrace fear,
Hidden away,
A heart shattered in a million pieces,
Pieces that were thrilling fantasies,
A soul that hurts in silence,
A mind so overwhelming and tense,
Hidden away,
Nobody knows I’m crying,
They won’t ever see my tears,
Nobody knows it’s empty,
The smile I wear.

I smile away the tears that fall,
I put up a face and show no weakness at all,
They think they know me perfectly well,
But behind a curtain, I dwell,
But what is that curtain?
It’s obvious, isn’t it?
A mask that paints no dark emotions,
A mask that visualizes no false visions,
It seems almost perfect,
It’s almost like hour reflection,
At first, it was hard to contend with,
But gradually, it became a part of me,
Now it’s an addiction, with no solution,
It was once a protector of my emotions,
But now, it’s my worst reflection,

Now it dances with me like a ring of fire,
Challenges me in my own dire,
Countless moments, countless dreams,
It echoes through my brain,
My worst fears have come true, it is now my pain,
All my lies are in the open,
My truth still hidden away,
Even if I tell, who would believe me now? No one ever doubts perfection,
I’m so tired of all this pretence,
I just want to shed all the tears hidden a million miles away,
Hold someone and let it all fade away,

I’m caught in a threshold,
One I can never begin to comprehend even if I tried,
Even till death, my truth will lie,
It hurts like a stab in the heart,
But I guess my life has always been a lie,
I was born to be perfect,
Locking away all my true emotions,
It’s okay, so don’t worry about me,
As long as I made humanity smile,
So I thought looking at the sky,
I would never have an identity nor a face,

This is my destiny,
To forever wear the mask that bears all emotions except pain,
The mask of perfection

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