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Empty Streets

So she came out of nowhere to put us in bondage,
To avoid her homicide, we had to stay at home to pay homage,
Now, the home is a full house of empty dreams,
Of a place where poverty prevails over prosperity, of superstars who gloomily gleam.

This is the rise of a fall,
What a pain! An injury to all,
Son of a beast! This son is rising and the world is falling,
The beginning of end-time, the end is calling.

Hear sounds of emptiness filling nothiness,
This turbulent time has turned greatness into a great mess,
Empty streets! Empty stomachs! Empty pockets!
Legs no longer work now they’re kicking bucket.

I hope this moment becomes a memory,
And its pictures become wallpapers in Museum gallery,
The long walk to freedom is an endurance trek,
This storm will be over
and we shall build a lifeboat after the shipwreck.

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