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Malodorous Trip

Flawless with a smile,
That’s what I saw in you,
Your face so appealing,
with your spine making everything a fait accompli.

A done deal I said,
I won’t so think,
With the moment apt with euphoria,
Will there ever be a bad trip?

From day to day,
we continued to dangle,
exchange spittle,
At a point your lips smacked mine.

I thought it wise,
I saw my soulmate,
Alighted at the tollgate,
I changed my tooth paste to make you know I’m using a Colgate, which has semblance with your name.

But this moment came,
the artery became lame,
Blood transfusion stopped,
My heart already numbed.

My index finger failed,
my role in your life now bathed with mud,
I used to be infallible,
without warning now fallible.

Tell me what I did wrong,
It’s nature’s nemesis,
it’s your archenemy.

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