I Cried For A Girl

Like a child with a pure soul, she fell for love with eyes closed.

She trusted too much that she poured herself completely into a basket

How else am I supposed to explain love to her? How was I supposed to show that the facade of love she sees is just a charade and not real?

How else should I hide these tears when what I presented was love with undiluted intentions? But she was swayed by wolves..

As I lay in bed, my heart bleeds in thousand pieces for the one I let drown in the rivers of wrong love while I stand by the bank and watch.

I guess she needed the bitter-sweet experience; but look, it has distorted her sense of judgement, she commits fallacy of hasty generalisation as she now sees all men as scum for the wrong love she fell for.

How else do I forgive myself for this evil I’ve done?
How shall my tears convey this message of regrets to her?

Mama be disappointed, I cried for a girl

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