I Am Money

I am a god,
A god that people worship.
They bow at sound of my name
They tremble at the mention of my name.

I can be good,
I can be bad.
It depends on the way you want me to handle you.
I am mostly in charge in most places,
Taking full control of everything in my possession..
I’m a boss, right?

I can make you do anything only if you allow me
I destroy homes,
Make friends betray each other.

Now listen, I command respect where ever I go to,
Dignity and honour is a sure thing;
I can be a blessing if you want me to
And if you want disappointment—

You can have me and still be in pains that is if you want me like that,
It can still be other way around.

When I speak humanity listens,
They dance at the beat of my music.
And they nod their heads at the rythm that comes from it.
I am indeed very lovely
You can love me but be warned
Don’t love me too much
I can be very deadly
As the holy book says, the love of me is the root of all evil.


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