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Blind Justice

White killing black is sin!
History told us how we were killed
Brutalized and murdered without justice
Yesterday, a Negro was killed with white kneels on his neck
Whose only identity with us is black skin
We stood at boarders protesting for justice
In a country we have no residence
Condemning the brutal killing of black folks
By the whites who want them dead

White killing black is sin!
We cried and wailed for a brother who died in diaspora
A brother unaware of our existence
Yet we protest against a far away country
Depicting love for black brotherhood
But it’s unfortunate that this love is only a myth
When we cry and die in our neighborhood
Justice is good and must be preached
Whether black or black, lives must be reached

Black killing black is no sin!
On the daily, people die in my country
Murdered for going on a peaceful protest
Butchered by herdsmen while our government keep mute
Beheaded for calling Christ somewhere in sambisa
Killed for speaking against government in Africa
Stripped of live by the national watchdog
Imprisoned for years with justice denied them
Yet we act dumb and allow misgovernment.

Black killing black is no sin!
Black lives matter! Black lives matter!!
My country is black
Yet we fear our follow black men
Whose sword kill us on the daily
In Africa where black live is cheap
Whether black or white, black lives matter
Whether Negro or black, black lives matter
Whether American or African, justice matter.

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