My Journey As A Writer

The darkness wrapped me in,
and choked me until I gasped to death.
This was the time when writing
escalated through my heart
and I escaped from the darkness.
I turned into a nomad from then,
I swimmed the ocean of quotes,
travelled from the countries of verses
to the valleys of poems and then
found myself in a boat crossing
the river of gullible metaphors.
I loved the air scribbling serene
in my body, the nature embedding
pearls on my hair, the mountains
whispering the words of knowledge,
the birds giggling the scrawls of my
exhilarated heart, the flowers brushing
away the sacrilegious intentions
and the stars scintillating my name
as a writer on the wide night sky.
My quest ended on the abode of peace
where my creations played, danced
and pranced around with the books
I kept them pressed during my
courageous journey of self-inquisition.
Write, write, write and write
until the milestones seem little,
and my heart will keep on voyaging
until my journey gets a title of ‘forever’.

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