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The Lost Boy

A lost boy,
Wanting to come back,
Missing home.
But there’s no home,
For him to come to.

He was the only one he had,
A stranger, a loner.
Everyone else left,
Leaving him behind.
He would have left too,
By God, how he wanted to,
But he hasn’t find a way yet.

Wanting to build a home,
He let others in,
Trying to fill up,
All these empty rooms inside.
He wanted love,
But he’s too damaged.

He gave his heart away,
But a broken heart was all he got in return.
The one who he thought would be better,
End up just taking and rendering him more empty.

This is his cross.
His inner battle.
The scar, left by the ones leaving,
Destroying his inner beauty.

When you search for love,
Just someone to love,
Someone to love you,
You lose more and die inside.

Love became a myth,
Something in the book,
A lovely story in the movie,
But never something you have.

Because when the ones who are supposed to show you love,
Who are supposed to teach you how to love yourself and others,
When they turn a blind eye due to their personal reasons,
They kill you. Slowly. For the future.

Affection is a thing most take for granted,
But it is also the missing ingredient for other.

Like this broken boy.
With a dreamer’s eyes,
With a empty love jar.
Whom the demons mock,
Constantly haunting and hurting.
“Who could love you now?”

Wondering in the dark lonely nights:
Who will love me now?

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