The More You Look, The Less You See

We seem to daily discover a hidden secret,
but life’s too voluminous for a one time read like a story.
We wander round it’s rand like a novice,
the answer we see never matches the knowledge we seek.
Many hidden scripts are played right before us and we wonder why the casts are playing ghost.
Behind the scene is nothing to write home about because there are really no lines explaining its about
Life is one heck of a lesson but there are too many people around carrying an emblem reading novice.
The son falling into the same ditch that buried the pride of his father, Goldie at twelve had her first child while her mother her first when she was few months older than Goldie’s present age.

Too many examples written in the book of experience, but all we see in our quest for knowledge only fed our ignobility and amplified our ignorance

Life is a ton of words on a thousand blank pages written with a white ink on a white washed papyrus.

Blank … so blank.

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